Administrative Calendar

Modern Office Management:

Our College office is the most important supportive wing of the college. It runs following the guidance of Burdwan University and the Higher Education Department, Govt. of West Bengal. Our office is using CAMS Office Management Software. Office management tries hard to keep pace with the frequent developments in law, judicial rulings, University notifications, Govt. orders and new technology. College office has 10 desktops with internet and intra-net facilities. Earlier office had two telephone connections with two modems. The office also has one server along with one fax machine and one photocopier machine.

Our college is suffering from inadequate number of non-teaching staff. In spite of this hindrance our office staff are managing huge tasks with their tire-less efforts. They also keep cordial relationship with students, teachers, guardians, vendors, guests and other stake holders.

Our accounting procedure is entirely run in digital environment to gather, record, analyze and interpret financial data of the college and alerts the college administration about the financial performance and risks in time. Regular auditing is practiced under the guidance of eminent auditor recommended by D.P.I. E-filing of the tax return is regularly done.