Other Facility

“SANJEEVANI”:TheMedicinal Garden

"Sanjeevani"an open air laboratory of our College with useful medicinal plants which includes more or less 20 different species. Some of them are local and very common but with immense medicinal value, like, Tulsi, Kalmegh, Nishinda, Kulekhara, Pudina, Harjora, Halud, Dhatura, Thankuni, Nayantara etc. Some rare species are also available like Bishollakarani, Sarpagandha, Alovera,etc.This medicinal plant has a great extent for sustenance of traditional health care system, both logistically and as well as economically. However, the present scenario shows a decline in these traditional plant based health care practices. This college has a future plan to aware not only the students but also the local people about the medicinal values of those plants.

Wi-Fi Campus: To coup with the technological advancement in academic institutions our college has already set up free Wi-Fi facility in the campus. All departments, staff room and offices are provided with internet facilities for the convenience of students, teachers and office staff. Wi-Fi facility is also available in the college.Along with the academic-administrative building most of the campus is well connected through Wi-Fi.

Playground: The large play-ground is a proud privilege of this college. With beautiful greeneries all around, this well-maintained play-ground is used for the Annual Sports. A huge play ground in the college campus is definitely boosting up our sports endeavor. Not only for our college students but for the neighboring sports loving people this play ground is extremely important. The playground is named after the great sport personality Gostha Pal.

Gymnasium: For the long time demand of the student's a minimum equipped gymnasium has recently established in the campus to encourage the fitness and sports endeavor among the students and faculty members.

Support For Differently Abled:For differently abled Students College authority has already set up minimum infrastructure like ramps in various parts of the Academic, Administrative and Library building, a wheel chair for the assistance of such students. Though blind students are very few in the past records but when situation demands College authority had provide them special writers for internal and University examinations, minimum recording facility to overcome their challenges. The college provides facilities viz. ramp, wheel chairs for physically challenged students whenever needed. Construction of an elevator is in the pipeline.