Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting:"BARI KALAS" PROJECT

Rainwater harvesting is a process or technique of collecting, filtering, storing and using rainwater in times of needs of human, animal and plant such as for irrigation and various other purposes. It is a very effective method of water management and its conservation.

The college has taken an encouraging venture by establishing a mini rainwater harvesting project with the following purposes –

● To utilize rain water and reduce the consumption of water supplied by respective authority.
● To provide an independent water supply to the during water shortage period in the summer and dry season.
● Conservation of water resources in consequent to the govt. policy “Jal Dharo, Jal Varo”.
● To irrigate the garden area and if necessitates, use of this water for the toilets of the ground floor.
● To create conservation awareness among college students and others about water.
● To recharge ground water through recharge pits.
● To improve garden ecology by promoting vegetation cover and thus attracting birds, butterflies and others.

Project "Bari Kalas" is one of the eco-friendly initiatives in our college. Being geographically situated in the arid region of this state, conservation of water resources is extremely important to survive. The basic aim of the project is not only store the rain water but to use it for maintenance of various gardens throughout the year.The water will be chanalised to the flower beds of the college campus. The stored water will also be used for toilet flushing in the ground floor in future.

Use of Solar Energy:"Sun Shine" Project

College authority has commitment to pollution-free environment. We endeavour to emphasize the use of renewable energy. The process has been initiated by the installation of solar PV Street light within the campus.