Student Union

Student’s Union:

Every student is, ipso facto, a member of the Union. An Executive Committee of office bearers is elected from each stream of every Year by proportional representation. It is entrusted with the proper working of the Students’ Union. The Union has proved itself as an effective instrument in the smooth functioning of the college. It actively co-ordinates various student activities, promotes academic interest, helps in maintaining discipline, and upholds the dignity of the college. The Students’ Union has distinguished itself by organizing seminars, cultural and literary competitions, and various sports events under the supervision of the respective Sub-committees of the college. The General Secretary of the Students’ Union is an ex-officio member of the College Governing Body.

As can be seen in the accompanying photos the entire college community thoroughly enjoys three annual festivities organized by the Students’ Union. Nabin Baran Utsab (Freshers’ Welcome) starts off the year on a happy note. This is followed by the the Annual Cultural Function. The entire decoration and associated activities by eager student participation make for very satisfying enjoyment of the Saraswati Puja before the exam period sets in.