Code of Conduct of Staff


The institution prescribes the following guidelines for maintenance of code of conduct for its students and hopes that they will be strictly maintained by the learners within the College Campus:

  • The Students are instructed to attain classes regularly and remain updated about the internal examinations and submit all assignments on time.
  • They should be able to follow instructions given by the College administrative body and teachers diligently.
  • Ragging or any kind of untowardly incident arising out of any unhealthy interaction among students is strictly prohibited and declared as punishable under Law.
  • Maintenance of Discipline is mandatory under all circumstances.
  • Try to maintain a clean and plastic free campus to reduce the chances of pollution.
  • Participate in all co- curricular activities and cultural programs by maintaining the ethical aspects of life.


  • Conducting of classes should be the first priority of the teachers.
  • The teachers should involve in the maintenance of their academic excellence by participating in seminars and workshops periodically
  • Teachers and other staff members of the institution are expected to become a part of the various administrative sub- committees and contribute for its holistic development.
  • They should keep up with the diverse standard of the College and work towards removing all sorts of prejudices among students and staff members.
  • Mutual respect among teachers is expected to be maintained heartily.
  • Participate in cultural programs and other such activities whenever needed.