Vision & Mission

  • To spread Higher Education to the Grassroots of the Society.
  • Upliftment of socially and economically backward Students upon a strong foundation of secular, Humanitarian world view. The institution strives to Eradicate all elements of social obscurantism in Relation to caste of gender bias.
  • To provide the students with most contemporary Facilities.
  • Expansion of modern scientific education along with Value oriented curriculum.
  • The motto as reflected in the emblem of the college is i.e. Lead us to Light and this Light, We hope, will direct our students to that state ‘Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high’.


The institution has the vision of becoming one among the most trusted educational institutions in its pursuit of excellence by working on the principles of diligence and harmony to overcome the hurdles arising in its way with good faith and wisdom. Although situated in a predominantly tribal area, the institution which is keen on maintaining and protecting the vision of widespread diversity and disciplined democracy among all its students, envisions the dream of developing an ambience of dignified liberty by inculcating qualities like honesty, tolerance, confidence, self- righteousness, compassion, perseverance and humility among its learners. Above all, this institution harbours the desire to become a living presence and a guiding principle in the memory of each and everybody coming in its contact in order to enlighten the shadowy aspect of their lives.


The institution is dedicated towards the goal of preserving healthy relationship among all its stakeholders to practice the following:

  • Spreading education to the grass-root levels of society particularly for students who are primarily first-generation learners.
  • Providing support to the socially, economically and morally backward set of students to encourage inclusion without discrimination.
  • Increase awareness about various subjects among the young learners through extensional activities and outreach programs to prepare them for their future.
  • Enable the marginalised tribal students to empower themselves through quality education and participative learning.
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary learning by accommodating the scope of activities like sports, extra- curricular projects, field works etc.
  • A minimum Nature invasive policy is preached and practised in the educational approach of the institution